Sara Anderson

A stay-at-home mom builds a brand for women exploring the sensual side of sophistication.

Sara Anderson doesn’t import container loads of coffee, nor has she built a major tech consulting business. But her story fits my favorite demographic – empty nesters seeking to reinvent themselves.

With no venture money or major capital, no board of directors, or hired team, Sara has marshalled sheer tenacity to build her dream. In the spirit of Martha Stewart, Donna Karan, and Coco Chanel, Sara created the brand, Sara Anderson, that leverages her background as an artist and lover of the natural world. Using the methods in this book, I helped Sara make the leap from school mom to designer brand.

I hosted a Brand Story workshop to identify Sara’s target customer — “the free-spirited, feminine woman who seeks to express her boldness while being true to her sensitive nature.”

The brand concept – “wearable art” – prompted the tag line: “Feed Your Heart with Design.”

Successful brand positioning has helped Sara place her original designs in museum gift stores including Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

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