About Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller has over 20 years’ agency experience in brand development and e-media production. He is versed in brand strategy, content development, web strategy, and brand videos.

Bruce is a “let’s build it” kind of guy. At heart, he is “bang-for-the-buck” and results-oriented — but strategically derived from solid, hands-on experience in the marketing battlefield. What works is what’s best.

From agency partner to spare bedroom – After 20 years with payroll and agency overhead, Bruce works out of two bedrooms in an 1895 vintage house in downtown Decatur, Georgia. “I’m value-oriented, and so are my customers,” he explains.

Brand Story approach – Bruce developed the Brand Story® approach when he recognized three very important opportunities that could help companies own their market:

  • A wealth of brand knowledge exists in most companies, but it is not fully leveraged.
  • Team ownership of the brand strategy is vital for change to take place. For this reason, Brand Story workshops are collaborative.
  • The number one brand weakness is lack of positioning. Small companies look small because they lack a brand position. Aligning the brand to the customer’s need is how you engage and create customers for life.

Bruce Miller has been creating customer-focused brand experiences since 1998 with Checkfreee Corporation. It was at Checkfree that Bruce and his team won the MAX Award for Georgia’s marketing campaign of the year.

UCLA Film grad – Bruce is a graduate of the UCLA Department of Motion Pictures and Television. He is also an author and screenwriter, formerly represented by the Berzon Agency. Previously, he was creative partner at Design Coup, Inc.

Avid sailor – Bruce is an avid sailor, political junkie and yoga enthusiast. He and his wife Karen, a registered nurse and chaplain educator, live in a 120-year-old house in Decatur. Three years ago, Bruce used his start-up methodology to help launch The Learning Tribe, an alternative approach to high school education.

Author – As an author, Bruce has written “FORTUNE, Our Deep Dive into the Mysteries of Love, Healing, and Success” and “RUMI COMES TO AMERICA.” He has also written “BRAND STORY, and “UPLIFT, THow to Harness the Hidden Engine of Continuous Renewal. He also wrote the parenting book, “Seven Superpowers” with Dr. Maria Guilmour.

Miller eMedia helped us build a brand position around Workflow Excellence™.

The Brand Story Workshop developed a new direction and crafted a leadership position in a crowded, competitive technology market.

From our new logo and tagline to our trade show presence, Bruce and his team helped us launch our brand with confidence.

Jacqueline Pollard

Marketing Director, TwinEngines