“When both sides work together, good things happen!”

When Dee Daley, a former business management expert, called me asking for brand strategy help for her State Senate campaign, I asked her, “Is there a path to victory?”

And she replied, “Quite frankly, no. This area of the state has voted straight Republican for decades. But, I feel it’s important, as a Democrat, to show up.”

“What if we played to win?” I suggested. “It would help me focus your message on your constituents’ core needs.”

And that is how I brought the Brand Story® approach to a political campaign.

Dee Daley courageously stepped into the race for State Senator in Northeast Georgia — a district where Democrats don’t even bother to run.

Bringing our Brand Story approach to this pro bono project, we identified our “target customer” — as moderate, pragmatic conservatives and independents who identify with businesspeople and want to see government work.

We removed all partisanship from the messaging and focused the Dee Daley brand on her successful career in business management and her demonstrated accomplishments in bipartisan initiatives.

Dee’s new tag line and logo: “DEE MEANS BUSINESS.”

We presented a solid, pragmatic platform that satisfies the needs of all northeast Georgians:
Healthcare | Education | Jobs | Services

The new design draws from mountain terrain.

Visit the Web site.

Old Web site:
Dee Daley’s original Web site focused on offering voters a “Democratic choice.”

New Web Site:
Dee’s new site evokes a bipartisan spirit. It presents Dee as a successful businesswoman who has the skills and experience to solve problems.

Mailer distributed to all voters in the district: