ALACURA Medical Transport Management

Introducing ALACURA, the first benefits management solution to address the high cost of medical transfers.

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When most people think about air ambulances, they think of a LifeFlight helicopter picking you up from an automobile trauma. The reality is that most air ambulance flights today are hospital-to-hospital transfers of stable patients — often for $30,000+ when ground transport would be adequate.

The venture capital partners behind Alacura invested in Alacura with the intent of shaking up the industry. The new Alacura provides health plans, patients, and hospitals access to in-network transportation by the cost-effective and medically-appropriate method.

The relaunch changed the Alacura brand story from “air transport” to “transport utilization management.” The web site messaging, brand concept, identity, and look and feel all follow this new direction.

Miller Media provided brand strategy, messaging, design, and Web development.

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